With the recent change in policy with regards to my image hosting site, there will be some interruptions to the blog’s appearance. I have to admit I am an absolute troglodyte when it comes to current blogging methodology as I never have moved to hosting my own images despite moving on to WordPress.

I guess for the next couple of months (years even), I’ll be tinkering on the old posts so as you get to see the images that come with the post. At the moment the blog does look okay but a little email from the image hosting site reminds me that I have less than a month before my images will be reduced to a black box unless I pay more for the bucket holding the pics, pardon the pun.

All posts henceforth would have photos hosted on my GoDaddy server. Like this photo of the ex-missu… never mind:

So, to all my 1.5 (or is it 0.5) readers out there, I hope this will not in any way interrupt your reading pleasure.