didn’t play much guitar until ’91 when i laid my eyes on this old epiphone 635i at windows in newcastle upon tyne. bought it for £149. not bad for a guitar with a licensed floyd rose floating tremolo/locking nut system.

my guitar playing was still crap (still is now). basically played stuff like metallica (the black album was all the rage then). as you can see, some features of the guitar was modified to make it look like kirk’s kh-2. well, i did try.

medical school didn’t exactly give me much time to improve my playing. by the time i was in 4th year i decided to leave it back home in kl. my brother found some use for it, as its neck was actually quite fast.

the epi had some problems with fret buzz and it wasn’t until 1998 that it came back to england when i had it set up properly. not only that, the epi was also hotrodded with seymour duncans (duncan custom humbucker with custom staggered and quarter pound single coils).

this first electric of mine was gigged twice, at the loughborough and sheffield gigs. currently, the trem is broken, and a total upgrade is probably imminent. so watch this space!