The first half of our Perak trip saw us traversing up to the Royal town of Perak which still had banners and signs commemorating Tuanku Sultan Azlan’s 84th birthday. This was a trip that came to mind following my involvement with SembangKuala since the October of last year. I have no immediate family in Kuala nor was I a budak koleq, which meant Kuala is pretty much foreign to me despite my heritage. I have been to this quaint town but the only things I am familiar with are the jam besor and the Chandan landmarks of the mosque and the Istana.

The rest house on Bukit Residen was our accommodation for the night, with a nice view of the Perak river and the Sultan Abdul Jalil Bridge over yonder. The rain that greeted us as we started to make our way to Al-Ghufran meant we had to abandon our ziarah and head for our secondary target of Kuala – Yut Loy. I have posted an entry on SembangKuala and my cousin/co-editor just couldn’t believe that I’ve never set foot in the said establishment, let alone savour their pau. With claims that Yut Loy paus are superior to its southern Perak counterpart, I had to try some. I have been warned, though, that if I’m unlucky, the whole day’s pau supply can be bought by a single customer!

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