short hiatus due to an infective disease called writer’s block. so, i’m just gonna do a couple shoutouts:

check out trabye’s tantrums if you are into music (viva la nepotism). a new(ish) blog where you can add in your two cent’s worth about the malaysian music industry.

also, i should applaud ash’s brilliant blog. i just enjoy to see how the page evolve into what it is now. check it out, as it’s well worth a visit!

doc del is leaving for malaysia tomorrow and we hope she would still keep her blog running for the next couple of months. have a safe journey!

the neon. bring us back a couple of cheese scones, will ya? make sure they aren’t the same (ehh).

lamson radius/cicatrizRG… i await your 1000-word essay.

hehe. have a good day.