The Prestigious School’s Interview 名門校面接試験


Say hello to the interview panel – led Henry Henderson, one of the housemasters at Eden – a character exuding a mix of British public school elitism and strictness of an old samurai master.

And KISS cow.

Will the family outing
benefit the Forgers at the admissions interview?

This episode covers chapters 4&5 from volume 1 much to my surprise initially, only to find the individual manga chapters relatively shorter than the first three. Looking forward to Mission 5 (interested to see how the episodes will be titled now that the manga/anime missions are in asynchrony) – 合否の行方 Gōhi no yukue / “Will they pass or fail” next week (hopefully the broadcast date will not be affected as it is now Golden Week in the motherla… never mind).

Anyways, the next episode will be a fun one. *hic*

PS: Check out the SPYxFAMILY Mission 4 art by the seiyuus Eguchi Takuya (Loid), Tanezaki Atsumi (Anya) and Hayami Saori (Yor). The last panel in black is by the mangaka, Endo Tatsuya – with a tongue-in-cheek caption saying ほーじゃーけぜんいんがはく… (The Forger family can’t draw…).