Will They Pass or Fail? 合否の行方

A departure from the source material but not in a way you think. This departure was briefly seen in Mission 3 and to think it was pretty all out in this one, I think the director and writer deserve a round of applause for fleshing it out in this enjoyable manner. Pretty much chapter 6 from volume 2 of the manga.

There’s an added song playing in the background in one of the later scenes in this episode which caught my ear – TBD by (K)NoW_NAME. Waiting for this to be available on my Apple Music.

Next week -mission 6 ナカヨシ作戦 Nakayoshi sakusen / The Friendship Scheme will air 14.05.2022. From the title, I would speculate the episode adapts chapters 7 and 8. Perhaps?

Genga from Wit x Cloverworks for this episode (from Wit’s twitter):