Mission 7 The Target’s Second Son 標的の次男

Tāgetto no jinan.

Gomen nasai seems the hardest words. But, you go, Loid!

A more sedate episode than last week’s right hook-tastic mission 6, although I have to say we were treated to a bunch of Anya’s wacky faces.

Not very wakuwaku.

As predicted last week, today’s mission comprised chapters 9 and 10 from volume 2 of the manga, which ultimately introduces us to a certain otōto/kid brother.

My one-word for the next episode is Staatssicherheitsdienst. 😅

Next week – mission 8 対秘密警察偽装作戦 Taihimitsu Keisatsu Gisō Sakusen / The Counter Secret Police Cover Operation will air 28.05.22.