Mission 8 対秘密警察偽装作戦 Taihimitsu Keisatsu Gisō Sakusen / The Counter Secret Police Cover Operation.

Chapters 11 & 12 from vol.2 of the manga.

I guess I predicted it wrong last week but the way the episode ended as a cliffhanger was pretty much on point. A few points were made more obvious in this episode, vis-a-vis WISE’s idea of how soon Anya should achieve her Imperial Scholar status, Yor’s earlier life caring for her brother, and seeing for ourselves Yuri Briar in action.

I prefer “Loi-Loi” as per the manga! Funny, either way, though.

Next week – Mission 9 ラブラブを見せつけ Rabu Rabu o Misetsukeyo / Show Off How in Love You Are on 4.6.2022. So, I predict we might just see chapter 13 on its own looking at mission 8’s title. The content of chapter 14 is a bit off with that title, IMHO.