down with the lurgi again. what else is there do apart from downing aspirins but to check out harry potter’s latest DVD release. i remembered the band that played at the ball, fronted by jarvis cocker (this is the second time a harry potter film had references to british rock – the third instalment had a brief glimpse of the stone roses’ ian brown downing grog of some kind).

i didn’t realise it until this afternoon, that the band also had two esteemed members of another britrock band, jonny greenwood and phil selway. i just couldn’t believe that they would be involved in something like a harry potter film.

i also couldn’t believe my (bad) luck of missing w.a.s.t.e.‘s presale of radiohead’s mini UK tour in may. missed it by two days, and i thought i was in their frickin’ mailing list. not too late though, as i’ll be joining the plebs in scrounging what’s left tomorrow morning at 9 am on ticket-frickin’-master. wish me luck.

Addendum – 25.03.06, 0906 hrs

can you see this?

yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
take that, muthatrucka!! can-you- F-E-E-L T-H-I-S!!!??

calm the feck down, as the neon would say. need to figure out who’s gonna get to come with me. jimbo, fancy coming up to a sold out show in blackpool on a saturday (may 13th)? they are standing ones, so need to keep that fitness up. hahaha.