no. not frickin’ aladdin.

as i was alluding previously, it is confirmed. like atlas condemned, bearing the weight of the heavens, my role as of october 9 will change as such. the ambivalence set in this morning. on one hand, the apprehension of so much responsibility.

well, the other ain’t too bad. i would be earning a few quid extra for my troubles!


listening to few new albums recently.

bob dylan‘s modern times seems to be his umpteenth work, with a few surprising blues covers to boot. memphis minnie’s when the levee breaks and muddy waters’ oft-covered rollin’ and tumblin’ never sounded fresher, in a dylan kind of way. neil young‘s anti-war (apa lagi?) living with war is really gritty, its rawness reminiscent of mirrorball with almost a jefrydin & the siglap 5 sensibility in some of the songs! which would’ve been great if it wasn’t for the annoying backing vocal choir which sang in every song. and if any of you find trouble getting some shut eye despite the diazepam, hot cocoa and a book, try isobel campbell & mark lanegan’s ballad of broken seas. evokes kylie minogue & nick cave’s where the wild roses grow. every single track of the album. damn.


with the recent lapan mbps upgrade, i now have two DVDs of pearl jam’s two shows in santiago, chile from 2005. quite impressive, i must say – complete with menus and extras of soundchecks and taped-from-telly interviews (hearing jeff ament’s interview answers dubbed in spanish is way weird).

[check out the screenshots]

and i have to say, the rule of iJun holds true. i have since moved many files into DVD storage. siut la weh.

update: speaking of iJun, iTunes 7.0.1 is out, bugs all sorted. about flippin’ time, too.