got myself a new toy which arrived last friday. a couple of years back i was toying with the idea of a windows media centre so that i can watch my muat turun stuff. i don’t have an xbox to chip, nor do i have a spare pc to place by the telly. the snag is, though, my pc’s HDD is pretty small by today’s standard (160G, quarter of which are songs for my iTunes) and most of it are stored in DVD’s. i then remembered seeing a cap kapak available-only-at-supermarkets DVD player which played .avi files. so, the obvious choice is to get one of those which costs at about £30-50.

until i saw that nowadays they make ones that also upscales your bog standard DVD movie images to that of HD-type resolution. a blu-ray player is not on the cards at the mo’, especially when i feel i should only get the PS3 when FF13 comes out. so, it wasn’t £30 but it was worth getting. i just got the HDMI cable a couple of nights back, and, by jove, my jaw dropped tak tertutup.

tested two DVD’s. firstly, the opening battle above coruscant was ever so detailed (i only have a 32″, thus a 768p resolution). and secondly, megan fox. megan was so detailed, i swear i could smell her sweat. *shudders*

anyhoo, the DVD’s went back to the shelf and i went for a bleach marathon instead. joy.


for those in the know, you damn well know what i want kan? like this got or not, in real life?


it’s been a while, but i have been reacquainted with the roller and can. the floor? i’ve got (aka will pay) someone to do it. skirting board masa’elah la.

soon to come, a julien mcdonald-designed graham & brown wall. class.