my iPod of 3 years (and a bit) died yesterday at work. it was a 4th generation iPod, the first one to have colour and had the ability to store photos. it had a 30GB capacity and was a bit over 200 smackers.

why does it have the lifespan equivalent to that of a hamster, i have no idea. believe me, i tried reviving it, as per instructions on their support site. and it’s an open trade secret that the people at apple do have the technology to create that iPhone with a 200GB SSHDD, but no. they will only make minute improvements once every six months. i couldn’t wait, though. i want my music tomorrow at work. it was bad enough today, and thank god today was a half day.

funny that another blog recently mentioned how the iPods are actually cheaper now, yet having greater capabilities, due to the intentional obsolescence of their products. and suckers like me, who insist on an iPod for an mp3 player, will be drawn in droves to the apple stores far and wide, buying new products only to find a newer, lighter, thinner and faster machine to come out in 6 days’ time.

si luncai terjun dengan labu, kan?