the recent malaysian student gig that happened last saturday was shemubroja’s fourth and sheffield’s sixth. we lost two bands along the way and had to be content with just seven, which meant we could start a little late and the first band will get to play to a larger crowd (i remembered being in a band that had to play first, i think the numbers in the audience comprised our local crew and the two sound engineers).

i was a tad worried when the only ‘big city’ university bands were from sheffield and leeds. but my worries were unfounded, as the bands that came brought their own massive crowd with them, which meant we sold out the night before (three out of four nights, not bad going).

people alsways asked who’s in the organisation, how long it took to plan the gig to a T, and if they could speak to an, err.. ‘events manager/officer’ in correspondences. the answer is that we don’t know, really. the gig’s always been made up of an ad hoc committee, if you can call it a committee. and as for a manager/officer post within shemubroja, we don’t have any. i find it bizarre when people expect you to have an events committee comprising of a chief executive officer, a vice CEO, et cetera. this is just a small-time student gig, not petronas. all we do is book the venue and book the bands. and they will come, to paraphrase ‘jim morrison’ in the dream sequence of wayne’s world 2.

we got ourself a new bunch of enthusiastic lads (and one lass) and with them being here for the next three years, you’ll see more of the sheffield gig in these years to come.

[click here, for the photos at flickr]