summer’s here and i felt it was high time to get the ball rolling on the next phase of the next home project. not.

i have three four major projects that needs doing, which doesn’t involve any lobbying and kickbacks, one of which involves the garden (if you can call it as such). being an end-terraced property, my house is practically a semi-detached. great. more work.

dad practically did most of the work last summer (i don’t really have a green thumb when it comes to these things but i’m proud to say the lavender i planted last year is thriving!) making the backyard (i think that’s a better term to describe it) look more presentable. there’s also a little fish pond (that’s apparently knee deep) which has one fish (christened melo by my sis-in-law). i did wonder if it was lonely, but with melo’s probable dory-like memory, i’m sure it doesn’t really know.

around the property was an overgrown hedge that was nicely trimmed last summer, and it is time for it to get take a little bit off around the sides. there’s this chap down the road who does this and since he’s also into landscaping and decking, i was hoping he could make the decking a little bit more presentable (and safe – some bits are sticking out which worries me if you’ve got kids running about). the reason i’m not going all out on this summer’s job is because the main project for the yard is to have some grass. decking lagi banyak songeh nak jaga, grass potong je kan. heh.

i’m lying low with regards the interior jobs as two of my ‘mega’ projek involves a new kitchen and a new ensuite bedroom in the attic. i see a total of five figures going for these two and the last thing i noted, the pokok duit i planted tak keluar duit lagi. demit.

talking about pokoks, i have a tree in the backyard, next to my garage (and that’s projek edgedale ke-empat). for the longest time, i never knew what tree it was. we saw a smaller version at the botanical gardens but it wasn’t tagged. luck had it that a woman up the road came up to me this very morning, when i was washing the car, asking she could take a photo of said tree. i asked her what it was and she told me that it was a california lilac, or ceanothus burkwoodii.

from what i’ve read it’s more of a shrub but the one in the yard is now an actual tree! you do learn something new every day.