I enjoyed an excellent one-hour lecture on myxoid tumour pathology this morning by this roksta of a prof who came all the way from Massachusetts General in Boston. In fact, it was like being in a conference in America, without going to America.

Thus far, the best speakers I’ve heard have been American whenever I attend a conference. I’m not being biased just because they teach at Harvard. I’ve heard some real boring ones, but in general, they’re da bomb – y’know, being world experts and all that. Just last year, I listened to one speak on a topic that would normally make me go to sleep from the get go. But not this chap, and he’s talking at tomorrow’s update course. On a molecular subject. I’ll tell ya tomorrow if I stayed awake.

Oh, by the way. In America, you may be world famous but you have just two letters (M and D) after your name. Unlike in some places where one retains one’s Dr. title despite being a Professor and have 7 sets of letters most of which are redundant and unnecessary.


1,2,3 and 7. Especially 2. And jangan nak tanya from which direction ‘cos it’s so obvious.