More picture framing shenanigans completed last Sunday, just before we got hit by another mini-snowstorm[1].

After five years, I finally got around to frame artwork I bought[2] from a friend. Again, the spectre of not finding the perfectly-sized mounting was there but it was a nice compromise, and all I needed to do was being a little bit creative in shifting the artwork within the mount to get the best perspective. That was where my meagre photography skills[3] had it use.

I also bought two more frames of the non-RIBBA kind for my other two prints I bought from a street vendor on Paris’ Left Bank. Bloody expensive these FJÄLLSTA frames.


I now have three RIBBA 70×50 frames bought from two years ago which needs to be used. I have developed a penchant for 18th-19th century Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e~浮世絵)recently and I found this superb site which had a range of works from many of the Japanese artists from that period. The choosing of the artwork was a painstaking affair especially when I was under pressure to make the choice by the closing date of the 10% discount they were having on all prints. These giclée prints whould do nicely in the dining room, methinks, although I was also hoping to put up the aforementioned Parisian ones as an alternative. Will decide later.

I am also currently playing with the idea of putting up my own photos. I now need to sift through my flickr account and see which one would be worth printing. One gem (I feel) which I would like to put up is this one:

This is a rough photoshop but you get the idea. For this project, I will be using PhotoBox, a trusty site that I have been using for many years.


There are also a few reasons why I am doing this. For one, I have, like many other things in this house, put the wall deco on hold for so many years. Also, I hope this is maintaining some degree of momentum in wanting to sort out the house[4], ie getting the kitchen sorted. The measuring of the kitchen which is stage 1 for its design has been put on hold for two weeks now, thanks to the snow impeding travel on the Peaks for my two architect friends to come over. Good things happen to those who wait, no?

[1]I exaggerate, like most of the penduduk in this country who obviously never have lived in Sweden.
[2]It wasn’t commissioned as she already had them done as part of her architecture studies.
[3]Rule of thirds, meh.
[4]I so want this drumkit. Hence, I need to start the kitchen project pronto. Heh.