I know I have waxed lyrical day in and day out about how in 1992 I declined watching my now favourite band which is the best band in the world yadda yadda ad nauseam. And I’ve been saying I could’ve seen them for like £8, right?

Well, wrong.

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This is an excerpt from TwoFeetThick.com about the show I missed:

02/22/92 – Riverside, Newcastle, England [70m]

Attendance: 600

Set: Oceans, Even Flow, Why Go, Jeremy, Deep, Alive, (Hunger Strike)/Black, State of Love and Trust, Once, Porch
Encore – My Generation, (Window Paine)/Garden, Leash

Notes: Ed starts off Oceans and the rest of the band misses it and he restarts the song. After ‘Once,’ the crowd cheers, “Jump, jump, jump” and Eddie obliges. Ed inserts the last verse of Sting’s Island of Souls into Deep. A very short version of The Who’s My Generation is covered by PJ for the first time.”

Anyone invented the time machine yet?