And why Frieren indeed.

A lot of Tristan’s video essays on titles I like are pretty much on point (prolly because I won’t click on a video touching on a subject/title I am not interested in). That aside, I had briefly touched on my reasons why I like this adaptation of Yamada Kanehito’s fantasy manga by studio MADHOUSE in the SoC x BuzzPOP videos on 2023/2024 animu titles recently.

Forget why Frieren should or shouldn’t be the #1 anime of 2023 or why the MAL ranking for Frieren is (theoretically) done by bots, this 30-minutes video essay eloquently documents/describes why this title is loved by many – an opinion on the pacing of the narrative, a description of the main characters, and, to my delight, a quick commentary on the soundtrack of the series. I haven’t heard of Evan Call, the American composer who did the music for Frieren, whose composition could be heard on Violet Evergarden (which I still haven’t watched yet… hehe).

Tristan’s take on Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End here: