I am currently in the midst of building a Spitfire Mk.1 kit by Airfix. Despite its diminutive 1:72 scale, it is somewhat detailed, especially in the cockpit section (which in the end gets covered up!) as well as 30-odd pairs of microscopic decals for the kiasu model builder. This time, my approach to the Spit was to paint the body after construction. I still used a brush as I don’t think I’m prepared to go down the airbrush route. Also, unlike the Me109 last time, I was aiming to go for a seamless build of the fuselage by patching any lines or gaps with putty. And patched I did.

Due to an error of about 1-2 mm in placing the pilot and the cockpit setup, the two fuselage halves didn’t come together well like so:

The sealing of the gap with putty didn’t help matters as this meant an ill-fitting canopy[1]! This meant investing a few extra minutes in shaving the plastic off the canopy and more putty to fill the gaps. Can lah.

Just a few more decals and I’d put the landing gears to finish it off, hopefully before my trip home. Here’s a sneak peek of the Spit:


I won’t reach Silver status on my Skywards until this trip to KL next Thursday. Looking forward to watching (some of) these Japanese films then!

Which reminds me, I didn’t review Go! Masao! 「LOVEまさお君が行く!」, an endearing yet bittersweet film about a man and a labrador, which I saw on the KUL-DXB-MAN leg in the spring.

The film stars Shingo Katori (of SMAP and was in Shiawase ni Narou yo) and Ryoko Hirosue (sigh), and of course, Masao the lab. Hideki (Katori) is a down-on-his-luck comedian who ended up being the host of an TV programme which follows him and Masao around different places meeting other dog owners and their dogs, often with hilariously disastrous results. Hirosue plays Satomi, Hideki’s girlfriend, who had to leave him due to his busy work schedule and his inability to ensure their future together. Masao and Hideki nevertheless begin to win the hearts of many viewers, and Hideki finally finds his resolve to get back with Satomi. Why bittersweet? I recommend watching the film, and find out for yourself!


This blessed month of Ramadhan is coming to week three now, and how time flies huh? The 19-hour fast (and the lack of sleep) took some getting used to and surprisingly it got a bit easier by the end of week one. Thus far, Sheffield had one PaRam[2] event courtesy of Siti’s Satay Ria Sheffield (sans the satay these days unfortunately) with nasi lemak ayam berempah and apam balik, and Huzaimi and the missus’ kueh-mueh which included agar-agar and kueh sagu. And surprisingly, I’ve been quite good with not Instagramming much food these past few weeks. Heh. A self-pat to the back.

Two more weeks of ‘bonuses’ to come, eh. I’ll pen off now, then. じゃ、また。

[1]The canopy would have fitted well if the fuselage came together perfectly.
[2]Pasar Ramadhan. BaRam would’ve been better.