That’s the uninspired name I gave to this set up on BIAS which is based on a ’67 Dumble which is hooked onto a 2 x 12″ cab that has Celestion G12 Greenbacks, and mic-ed with an SM-57. On BIAS, the Dumble utilises 4x 12AX7 and 4x 6L6GB valves.

I actually wanted to find the err… John Mayer sound[1]. After sorting the Dumble out on BIAS, Trabye helped out big time by sorting out the effects chain on BIAS FX which comprised an old tube compressor, an MXR 6-band graphic EQ, an Ibanez TS-808, a Boss FRV-1 reverb and a Boss DM-2 Analog Delay.

Obviously this ain’t Mayer’s rig but what matters is an attempt to achieve the tone as best as one could. The following sample is played by Trabye using Daphne, a Fender 60s Classic Stratocaster, on the 4th position. I’ve played this setup for a lil’ bit too, although I prefer the neck pup[2] with the tone at about 4 to 5.

Have a listen:

[1]Yes, yes. You can only sound like JM if you are JM. I GET THAT ALREADY LAH.
[2]Daphne only has stock pups and not the Texas Specials or anything of that sort.