I am rewatching the Nichijō 日常 anime from KyoAni (not too shabby eh), based on the manga by Arawi Keiichi. I had watched it before and it was like back in 2013 but I am sure I hadn’t watched all 26 episodes. Nichijō literally means “everyday life” and if you think this is the typical KyoAni K-On/Euphonium/TamakoMaketto, you are sorely mistaken. There is no narrative as the manga/anime can be focussed on the characters’ (the 3 high school lasses, Mio, Yūko and Mai, as well as Hakase and her robot, Nano, and Sakamoto the cat) daily life – yes, like making breakfast, doing laundry, eating cake… but with a twist. I do admit this should be watched with an open mind. VERY open and relaxed mind. I am known to not sweat the small stuff which is why I think 日常 is watchable.

Kodansha Gekkan Monthly Ace magazine.

I have the ten-volume manga on Vertical but after a 7-year hiatus, 日常 is back with volume 11. Ongoing apparently, on Kodansha’s Monthly Ace.

Seramat maram!