The Force Awakens is now available for avid punters like me to buy and keep[1]. Yup, I bought this version:

As I’ve seen it like five times prior to making the purchase, the special features were the first sections I had to check out once the Blu-ray arrived. The sections that I was really looking forward to were the first table read that gave us this tachycardia-triggering photo:

… and the deleted scenes. Both special features were a tad disappointing from the aspect that they felt too short. It was nice to know that it was Mark Hamill who read the script instead of Abrams (who is traditionally the person that should moderate a table read). As for the deleted scenes, they were kinda redundant, and half of them were pretty much basic CG. Check out the taster from’s YouTube page:

Still no Jabba Flow.


Talking about Jabba Flow, it was finally released on iTunes on Star Wars Day (for 99p) four days ago!

And to top it off, a video of a live performance by Lin-Manuel Miranda and JJ Abrams outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway was uploaded on the Hamilton YouTube page. Here you can see how the song came about!

But then there was the disappointingly Rick Rubin-helmed electronica-laden STAR WARS Headspace (which includes a version of Jabba Flow that is somewhat of an acquired taste) that was also released on the same day. No, not recommended! Heh.


No, I’ve not built the Bandai Millennium Falcon yet.

[1]18.4.16 in the UK to be exact.