It’s the third day of 2021 and it’s not too late, really, to wish you one and 1/3 readers of this well-loved drivel-filled blog あけおめ, or a happy new year in plain English.

A few weeks ago saw the last episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian. Yes, everyone with a YouTube/Facebook/whatever soc media account have waxed lyrical about the season finale which was the cherry on top of that superb ice cream that was the entire season. Anyways, like my previous blog post on season 1, this post will be somewhat brief.

This second season was filled with (expected) surprises but the way it was dropped pretty much early on by Favreau and Filoni was unexpected to say the least – Bo-Katan, Ahsoka, (the mention of) Thrawn and of course, the return of Boba Fett. But with just 8 episodes per season, it does feel that you receive a goodie every episode.

Of course, the biggest one of all was the return of post-ROTJ (pre-TFA/TLJ obviously) Luke Skywalker. I didn’t bawl like a baby. I just had little sobs. Over breakfast at my dining table that Friday morning. Surprisingly no spoilers came my way despite watching it 30 minutes after the episode came “on air”.

One X-wing? Of course, I kinda knew. No, why would Ahsoka pilot an X-wing.

Grogu’s ears perking up was the next clue.

Fine, the cowl of the robe was non-descript.

See the buildup here – B&W images from the CCTV lending added suspense as to who is this jedi? And of course, the clincher was this:

And the gloved right hand.

And from that point onwards, it was cinematic awesomeness – Disney+ streaming TV episode notwithstanding, greeted by me shouting over my bacon and fried eggs in support of the destruction of Gideon’s dark troopers by Luke’s lightsaber.

Rogue One mirroring and all that, that was when my eyeballs were getting lubricated.

And the final reveal. I have to say it did look a tad rough, but who effing cares.

Of course, when the Mando removed his helmet to look at Grogu before seeing him go with Luke tugged the heart strings a tad.

The following days and week was filled with excitement from Star Wars fans, me included. I frantically searched for reaction videos from the usual Star Wars reviewers (and some whom I never knew) which reaffirmed that I wasn’t the only one who got a bit emo that morning. And how could you blame us – and I have to now openly admit, perhaps my praise for the sequel trilogy these past few years as seen from soc media discussions and posts in this blog had been forced. That was all we had, and being totally against what was produced by Disney would’ve been pointless – who was I as a mere fan to complain for a change.

But seeing how Favreau and Filoni became Star Wars’ MVPs this past couple of years, especially with this season finale, I began to wish why these guys (at least Dave Filoni, being Lucas’ story padawan, as Jon was not in the picture yet – who knew Lucas’ legacy in the stories) not made the story consultant (Filoni’s track record on The Clone Wars and Rebels is enough proof of eaten puddings). Disney, of course, could get any director it wants, get Ang Lee for all I care, but the story had to be right. Fan service isn’t story telling? Oi, with the success of the middle trilogy and the subsequent lore produced in the form of the prequels, the TV series, the books and the games – Star Wars IS fanservice.

I really look forward now to Mando’s third season, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett and Andor, on top of the other stories being planned. This newly-announced new stuff better not suck.