Haddock, chips and baked beans... what else could you ask for?

a fine british institution. i love my fish and chips. i’d go for haddock over cod any day. everyone has their own favourite chippy where they’d get their habuan. mine’s called the broomhill friery which is a little distance away from where i live, but it’s worth the 5 minute drive. i like my fish crisp and these guys don’t go soggy by the time i get home. and i like ’em boneless. proper. some freshly ground black pepper. no salt. a squeeze of fresh lemon juice instead of the usual malt vinegar, although sometimes balsamic vinegar if i feel a little saucy. also some lingham/tomato ketchup/hp sauce combo for the chips. some baked beans would do absolutely fine. piping hot and eaten with the fingers, the fish still in its newspaper wrapper. bliss.