day one. my wallet was 1/3 its original weight after 20 minutes of haggling. by the way, i didn’t do the haggling.

i needed a notebook. nothing really fancy. just enough to get by. i’ll get a desktop proper when the time comes, whenever that will be. of course, low yat’s the place to go. i’m no technophobe, but i ain’t that techno-savvy either. therefore, i needed my brother’s haggling (and basic cantonese) skills.

yup. haggling ain’t a skill that’s required in the bumi omputeh. also, i think i would’ve gotten lost in the labyrinthine corridors of the said bukit bintang complex.


after browsing for a bit, this dell caught our eyes. no dvd-rom though. it’s ok, not that high on my priority list. as long as it has a faster processor speed and a larger hard disk space, that’s fine by me. and that was when the thinning/lightening of my dompet occurred.

oh well. with a free wi-fi card, optical squeaksqueak and a bag; it was worth the ongkos spent. can’t wait to spend more money.

really. 😉


My new acquisition!