Rasa macam pernah lihat gitar ini, tapi di mana yah?for the first time in 6 years, i jammed on filey street once again.

the old jamming hole that was number 27 is no more, with it being renovated into a two-flat house and the basement sealed. since then, it was either karen‘s rehearsal rooms off west street, firr’s basement or the neon’s room at brunswick. playing at filey street reminded me of the days when we were young(er)*, when jam sesh-es went on until 2am (this time it was midnight unless we want the cops to come knocking on the door) followed by chilling with tea-like diluted nescafe O, marlboros and southern fried chicken.

there is a current crop of six guys who at the moment are pretty active, two of whom are churning out original material day in and day out. jamming with them meant i had to revisit material i have long forsaken. age is catching up with me, no doubt about it. best moment of the evening? playing incubus’ circles and megalomaniac as a three-piece.

we just need a brandon boyd soundalike now.

*talk of another gig in sheffield? we’ll just have to see.