Two quick ones.


This is a lovely ‘Italian’ eaterie that I’ve been frequenting for yonks. Nights out with mates / the (ex-)girlfriend / the pathology department / on my own had always been great. Was here with some mates on Friday. The reason for the quotes on the word Italian is that the chap who runs the place is Iranian who assured me the meat’s halal at this establishment.

It’s reasonably priced and I’ve never had any complaints. For starters, I usually go for the calamari or garlic bread piccante, a small garlic pizza topped with a piquant tomato sauce and jalapeno peppers. Their fillet steaks are gorgeous, my favourite being a medium steak Diane. If you want some Mediterranean stuff with an Iranian twist, try the pollo picante with rice instead of the usual chips. They also have the usual array of Italian pastas and pizzas. And don’t turn down dessert. Highly recommended is their hot fudge cake and cream. No matter how full you think you are, this gorgeous combo would simply be walloped with gusto!

3 Convent Walk
Sheffield S3 7RX
+44 114 249 5040


Ha!Ha! Bar & Canteen

I don’t know what this place is like in the evenings, but I’ve discovered that breakfast here is quite nice. In the brunch section (not too sure when the last orders for it is), brekkie comes in two sizes – huge and not-so-huge. For obvious reasons, the veg option is the only one I can have. Pretty much comparable to the brekkie deal they have at Saints & Scholars in Didsbury, Manchester, although I have to say I love the way they do the mushrooms, as I’ve never liked the ‘soapy’ taste of the smaller button variety. Bundled in with beans, grilled tomatoes, sauteed potatoes, two sunny side ups and two thick kopitiam-styled toasts, coupled with a hot cup of coffee, you’d be in for a treat! Oh, and if you ever get a chance to eat at Ha!Ha!, check out their scrumptious tomato ketchup – fire engine red with a puree-like texture!

St Paul’s Chambers
8-12 St Paul’s Parade
Sheffield S1 2JL