i don’t know if all of you read cartoons by lat on the NST. there was one with a kueh-selling makcik behind her stand that said inti inside (intel inside. geddit?).

it is unfortunate that most things in KL can be rip-offs. the RM1 nasi lemak with a fistful of nasi serve with a teaspoonful of sambal, one and a half ikan bilis and one slice of an omelette. yeah, one slice from a one-egg omelette sliced into 37 pieces.

if it isn’t quantity, it’s the quality. or the apparent superior quality of a name. cucur udang to die for at, of all places, KLCC? get real. i wonder what the kuali, cooking oil, flour, eggs and prawns are doing in the kitchen.

well, coming back to lat’s kueh seller, this takes the cake. price of karipap is 70 sen. thank god they never did admit to sell karipap daging. daging my foot.