there are many things that we take for granted in life. or things that you don’t really notice you’re missing until you finally get it back.

on sunday, for the first time in like nine years, i bought a pack of frozen veg. and a tub of ice cream. yeah, go and laugh. the last time i bought a tub of ice cream to enjoy at home was like frickin’ 1993. we even went to ikea to buy an ice cream scoop in anticipation of bringing home a second hand larder freezer. which reminds me, why didn’t i buy one like now? the scoop, i mean.

when i moved into that much loved storeroom apartment i called home, i had a freezer the size of a shoebox. okay, i exaggerate. it’s slightly smaller than two shoe boxes. i could only keep meat in there. even then, i had to buy chicken breast meat (hmm… breasts…). not that i find other parts of the fowl below me, but having a whole bird would just not cut it, despite the cut-small-no-skin-brazzer option.

well, after nine long years i deserve this.

and tonight, i can go buy ayam. and beef. together. at the same time.

ya, go and laugh. bastards.


i was going to write a short take on this eaterie on ecclesall road in sheffield which serves noodles and other east asian tidbits. i’ve been there twice before and have always enjoyed their seafood curry laksa and thai fish cakes. but the evening the lads and i hit the eaterie for laaaaate lunch-cum-almost dinner (as opposed of traipsing 40 miles south to red hot buffet shack) recently, it was a bit of a disappointment. so, i didn’t bother taking pics of the food.

nor am i going to write anything more about the place.

you can see what we love to drink, though.


people ask why don’t i live in the town where i work.

hoho. banyak sebabnya. nanti la aku tulis, but this is a good start.