tomorrow, a few things are happening in one afternoon. one of which is a drive down the M1-M42-M6 to the NEC arena to catch a certain canadian kid-cum-bini orang playing some poppish punk (or punkish pop, take your pick). the snag is, i bought the tix wayyyy back when hey-hey-you-you was on the regular radio playlist. and that’s a while back. i’ve moved on, woman. that’s the problem when acts tour one’s neck of the woods months after an album is released. nevertheless, it’ll be a brief respite of sorts for my friends who are currently in exam mode.

hidup woman rockers, as next thursday it’ll be hayley williams et al. at the rock city in notts.


for some bizarre reason, i’ve recently checked out visual kei bands. as the genre goes, the visual bit goes a long way, way before the music. everyone seems to look like cloud strife, kadaj or sephiroth from FFVII:AC. and all the vocals sound alike, somewhat. don’t get me wrong, some of the older bands (like the re-vamped x-japan and dir en grey) that have strayed from the visual bit of the scene do sound great. and, man, you just have to love the custom ESP’s they play.

nevertheless, of all the visual kei bands, i really think this band takes the cake:


the other thing that’s happening is a detour to mansfield to bloody pick up a consignment. can’t they choose a nearer depot? bastards. quadcore country, here i come.

the third thing is something i’ll tell you about soon.