we finally had a (somewhat) full complement to the band last fortnight. we’ve even decided on a new monicker for the band – asthmatic rhino (finally!). the thing is we’ve to compile a list of tunes to play. our new guitar chap has a steady tune list, of which we need to learn – ranging from 80’s search to ‘tallica, which is a refreshing change especially when people would turn to the direction of the orang lama whenever someone mentions the bay area quartet.

tested the sound level (pakai telinga) and you can’t hear the music from the outside. it’s also inaudible from the first floor. all these, with the proviso that the total volume sounds like my hi-fi at not more than 3. the silent studio is still in the works, but i’m in no rush anyway.

whilst the band has got a name, the room hasn’t. need to come up with something that’d invoke the likes of stone’s studio litho, y’know wha’ ahm sayin’?