i somehow forgot that i’ll be going across the channel next week on the train for my meeting (plus a mini look-see). i’ve sorted the tickets and accommodation a few weeks ago, and here’s to hoping the trains run on time and there’ll be no strikes.

i have to hang my head down in utter shame that after being in blighty for all this while, i’ve never set foot in paris. my french is limited to the usual hello, good morning, thank you etc, including counting from one to err… seventy boleh kot, thanks to being in the french club at school (SRP wa dapat C6, beb). oh, and i can say, “there is no bird in the cage” (il n’y a pas d’oiseau dans la cage). i heard that that’s a phrase that you must know to survive in france.

unlike my trip to spain two years back, i am looking forward to this trip with some trepidation, just because i’m going on my own. it’s gonna be really shite trundling along with a tripod just so one can have a photo with le tour eiffel in le background. it’s bad enough, going to the city for lovers – on your own! had a little chat with the sheepwoman recently as she’s heading in the same direction a few days after me, and we both agree that it’s frustrating to be eating filet-o-fish, kebabs (and southern fried chicken) in europe when i can queue for the same shit here on london road. oh well.

i finally get to see where my tempat tidur is on google. i like this 360-degree jobbie they have on this site. at least i won’t be disappointed when i find the place doesn’t look like le meurice from the outside.

i’ve seen enough photos and films in my lifetime to know the sights of paris. nevertheless, like my previous trips, the lonely planet is ready to be packed. also, this month’s ish of monocle has a list of stuff to check out in town. so, it’s payback time.