The number of friends playing music in my town has dwindled for the past year. This year, Sheffield didn’t organise its annual shindig. It was good for a change and it was about time, too. The only other remaining bandmate got a rag bag of people, including yours truly, and we did play at a gig early this year, this time organised by some (newly-made) friends from The Valley (that is South Wales, in case you were wondering).

People come and go, and as I’ve described to a friend, the Sheffield music-playing population has its peaks and troughs. The last trough was between 2002 and 2005. I have to say I was reduced to playing my guitar to Pearl Jam and Metallica gig vids ad nauseum. Nothing wrong with that as I got to know how to play anything from Evenflow to In Hiding with one eye shut.

Lately, I’ve been extremely lazy with the guitar. I have a few reasons (clue: I never had a computer in 2002). With the TD9KX, I opted to take the easi(er) route of drumming as there were no chords/riffs to remember. Okay, drumming is NOT a piece of cake but since I could mouth drum parts when I rehearse with a band, so most some of the time I could pull it off. Now I can play anything from Judas Priest’s Breaking The Law to err… SNSD‘s Gee. Anything dum-chak-dum-chak can do lah.

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