the next phase of the cellar development has been completed. remember the faux persian? the TD-9KX sits on it now.

getting it was a bit of a drama. we went saturday last, only to return empty handed despite an e-mail stating that the item was in stock. received a phone call with some good news the following tuesday a few minutes before i was leaving the workplace, after which i swung by the shop to pick the said item up. kenny turned up a little later and we installed the kit.

it was way less complicated that what i remembered of wong’s TD-10. the TD-9 is smaller (no wonder it fits in the car!) and lacks one cymbal (which can be added). it doesn’t come with a pedal or a throne, so it wasn’t till yesterday that the whole kit was completed by a dw5002AD3 pedal and a mapex throne, all for a cool tiga ratus.

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