[a.k.a. “How to NOT instruct others the way to make kari“]

Some time back, a friend recommended a canned curry product by Ayam brand – perfect for those lazy-I-can’t-bothered evenings when a meal can be made ready by the time the nasi is cooked. I’ve not seen Ayam brand kari for a while. So, I decided to buy a couple of cans produced by Yeo Hiap Seng – the Singapore curry sauce. As I know full well how one can get in trouble slating a food establishment online, I was told by a family friend how his kari ayam ordered at this Malaysian eaterie in Londres was basically from a Yeo’s canned kari. Personally, I can’t really slate canned kari as the Ayam brand one was actually quite nice. It’s not like the rations the Malaysian military use, though, as those ones contain meat in them (I kinda like the taste, especially the kari daging ration!).

I think trying to give full details on how to make instant kari will be somewhat of an insult. Sautée the rencah, add the ayam and cook until the meat is brown, and add the kari. The naik minyak bit is easier in this canned version, probably to the oil content anyway. Perhaps I’ve to be a bit blasé with my aliquot of minyak next time. Boh the ubi kentang and simmer until the ‘tatoes are easily cleaved with a wooden spatula. For that added zing, I added kerisik as per my late mom’s method (as reminded by my brother in the last kari post).

Simpan overnight, and makan with roti canai the next morning. Nala punya sedap.