So Google Reader is packing it in. I have Flipboard on the iPad and on looking up Google for any contenders for a good RSS feed aggregator, I found feedly to be a nice replacement. I just love its aesthetics as I am a sucker for magazine-like layouts.

Just like how I was sold when it comes to getting Flipboard, I like how I could categorise the various feeds to what I like. Getting my feeds from Google Reader was really easy and by the time Google Reader goes the way of the dodo, feedly’s own Normandy is pretty much a clone of the Google Reader API, and the transition should be unnoticeable by then. feedly is also available on alat elektronik mudahalih, and whilst I’ve Flipboard on them both, I’ve added feedly as once Google Reader is gone, the Flipboard will be reserved for certain feeds only.

And that includes SCANDAL☆MANIA.


And talking about SCANDAL, I am still in withdrawal mode from the gigs two weekends ago:


I brought Michelle to a guitar shop today, following the recent debacle with that crack resulting from lack of hydration to the wood. The bottom line seems to be to leave it as it is, although they did suggest to me that I should just show it to this chap. Personally, I’d want to just keep an eye on it, especially when I have been reassured that the braces are intact and no rattling was found on softly knocking on Michelle’s back. One of the guys then said that Michelle is the best Taylor he’s ever played due to her low end. When asked which make he favoured, he told me that nothing beats a Gibson and he plays a J-45 (he actually doesn’t like Taylors, nor Elixir strings – both of which he just played an hour ago and was impressed). I jokingly said that it must be the crack that has made that low end more prominent. And the fact I ain’t selling her. Heh.

Now I have to learn some more proper songs then. I can’t be playing ”plan a trip to Japan alone every single time, kan?


Bought a new pair of kicks from Vans today. Thanks to this video: