For the past couple of weeks, I finally got around to sort my attic out.

It all began with me selling my old CD’s/DVD’s/Blu-Ray on musicMagpie a couple of months ago[1]. When I finally got my act together, I had boxes reorganised within boxes, Tetris-style. Superfluous things like shoe boxes (for shoes that are no more) and paper bags from previous trips to the outlets were recycled. Activities like this would mean encountering items that evoke at least some degree of nostalgia. There were old cassettes (all my Metallica tapes up to Justice, and not forgetting Nirvana’s Nevermind), short-lived mini-discs as well as an external CD burner in pristine condition. The best were a bunch of old postcards, which I prolly had pinned on my cork noticeboard in my old Newcastle flat when I was a student/junior doctor. These two take the cake:

We didn’t have the internet then, and I remembered how I just loved the anticipation of getting mail from family and friends in the post[2].

I also had the idea to actually utilise the attic space, despite keeping it as storage. Since the kitchen plan is temporarily postponed[3], which in turn puts the en suite attic shower/toilet further forward to whenever, I thought of making the attic a bit more livable. It is already converted to a bedroom, so no worries about that. What I had in mind was a space for when I get more people coming over to chill, especially when buangruang2 can be a bit crowded (unless mates are here to watch a film). Robert Johnson sessions a la Clapto… oh, never mind.

I wished I had taken photos of the real ‘before’ when there were more boxes, and when the attic was a right tip during the reorganisation. The attic has been christened buangruang4, and here’s what it looks like now:

For a finishing touch, I will add a curtain to cover the heap of Tetris blocks boxes. As you can see, the added items are somewhat basic which means when the time this will be made into the master bedroom (or even the new media room – I haven’t decided), dismantling them will be very easy.

Oh yes, I haven’t made an office space despite the desk/table lamp/chair set up. I actually feel like rekindling this childhood activity[4] of mine, hence the need for a desk to work on:

The desk lamp even has a magnifiying glass. How nice (in the tone of P Ramlee in Labu dan Labi). I’ll prolly be bad at building this 1/72 model still, but I’ll do a post on this when the plane is completed. Just don’t hold your breath.

[1]I got £100+ for my troubles. Yeah, the cost of the media was prolly 10 times that but most of them were bought like yonks ago – can’t really remember how much moolah I dished out then.
[2]Stamps! Don’t forget the stamps. “Hobi saya adalah mengumpul setem…
[3]Long story.
[4]I used to complete building the model plane in one sitting – which explained the bad job of a wonky unpainted plane with glue dripping at the joints. Hey, I was 9.