It’s summer again – the time for braai[1] sessions in the sun. However, as luck would have it, sunny days have been a hit-and-miss affair these past couple of weeks.

This weekend alone I had two braai seshes, although the one on Saturday was more of a mini satay do at a friend’s place in hilly Stannington and the following Sunday was a lil’ get together with my jamming mates at my place.

The satay sesh was superb (we had it indoors, thanks to the rain!) and for the first time, I barely had room for cake and none whatsoever for coffee! Oh, and how can I forget the ais kacang. That was ace too.

As for the braai at my place, we set the gazebo up in anticipation for a torrential downpour. Truth to be said, all we had was a mild dose of summer drizzle and by the time we called it a day, the rest of the afternoon was almost bone dry.

The only thing I concocted up this time was mini beef steaks and my usual lamb marinaded in lemon juice, olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and rosemary from the bush in the front. The rest was some really good beef burgers and pre-marinaded chicken in peri peri and lamb chops in mint from the halal butcher at our local Tesco Extra. Burger bakar and, err, “double dogs”[2] were the order of the day, though!

[1]Braai is Afrikaans for barbecue, introduced to me by an erstwhile South African colleague in pathology. I love the term although no one I know in Sheffield uses it.
[2]Our made up term for two sausages in a hot dog roll. What did you think it was?