I saw Big Hero 6 on the flight back to the UK from Tōkyō back in January, and I opted to watch it in the Japanese dub despite the absence of English subs. No, I didn’t think my 日本語 was up to scratch to understand the dub but with the protagonist being Japanese, I thought I should see the film in the language befitting the character. And I have to say it’s a good dub, better than the Japanese Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back.

The Japanese release has the title Baymax 「ベイマックス」 after the lovable marshmallow-like inflatabot. I initially had to find a muat turun copy with .srt subs as Japanese film Blu-ray discs are region A. I finally took the plunge last week and bought it from Amazon Japan as it has a DVD copy in it, which is a playable region 2 for the UK.

And guess what – my Blu-ray could play the region A disc. Result!


I bought this recently from Chuya’s eBay store. I had to. Hahaha.

Say hello to 白いマミ〜V.

Arrived from Kitakyushu via HND and onwards to LHR, then Coventry and finally collected her at the depot in Rotherham. Hard case, ESP decal *koff* and Levy leather strap bought. Blank truss rod covered ordered online from a Canadian seller. Lowered her action. Corrected her intonation. Used the ESP fret protector during storage. And installed Schaller strap locks.

All she needs is a test demo in buangruang. Watch this space.


And last but not least – the appearance of a restaurant in Sheffield that sells decent Malaysian food. There was another one back in 2004 but it lasted only a few months. Pity.

This new(ish) place is a Chinese restaurant called Noodle Doodle[1] and in the menu is a section dedicated to Malaysian food (and a selection of drinks, which include Milo Dinosaur!).

Their wat tan hor is just superb. Their char kuey teow is all right, and if you like a little bit more kick, they actually add a bit of sambal on the side. For these two, you need to say ‘no pork’ before you make your order. Reminds me of dad’s “Itu tak mau aaa?” story.

I just have one comment, though. Their nasi lemak sambal is accompanied by pajeri nenas. Prolly to cater for the more sensitive local palate?

Highly recommended. For my next visit, I wanna try their kari laksa.

34 Trippet Lane
Sheffield S1 4EL

[1]Familiar name, huh?