I was trawling through my blog archive and interestingly I’ve never written anything about J-dramas at all. Well, apart from one and that was eleven years ago. Prolly they weren’t worthy of a post but at the rate I’m writing on this blog at the mo, anything would be game.

I started watching this FujiTV drama called Our House「わたしたちのいえ」 last weekend whilst sorting kitchen out. Apparently this is still ongoing and thus far I only managed five episodes.

The premise of the story is about Ban Sota, a second-rate jazz saxophonist, whose wife died recently leaving him a widower with four young kids. The first episode pretty much told the story of him returning from the US, remarried with an American woman called Alice (played by Charlotte Kate Fox), in Vegas to boot. The thing was the kids weren’t expecting this sudden turn of events, especially Sota’s eldest daughter, Sakurako who has been trying her best to play mini-mom. And she’s like only 12! Also, Alice was totally in the dark about him actually having four kids, which adds to the drama. As the episodes went on, Alice tries her best to fit into the Ban household. Whilst she never said she’s want to take the place of their late mom, Alice has her hands full with dealing with four different personalities, with Sakurako pretty much making things tough for her. But as one would expect, the kids were slowly warming up to Alice, much to Sakurako’s consternation. By the time I got to episode five, it was made apparent that Alice may well be in Japan with an agenda of her own too. And the plot thickens somewhat.

I’ve to admit I don’t recognise any of the actors in this drama. The cast seems to include Takayama Yoshihiro, a pro wrestler! This is pretty much a typical family drama that is both serious and funny, kinda like the Star Man~Kono hoshi no koi which had (the delectable, and talented) Hirosue Ryoko in it a few years ago, or Zenkai Girl with Aragaki Yui. I also think I know where the story is heading too, seeing how family dramas of the Japanese persuasion seem to pan out in the end. Nevertheless, I’d recommend you to watch it especially if you love J-dramas.