remember the days when the afternoon of ramadhan was spent watching egyptian serials after school? the most memorable was the one about nabi musa a.s. this was way back in the early 80’s, if you are old enough(!). they basically had an all-egyptian cast (obviously) but in the long shot action sequences, including the parting of the red sea, i could have sworn they nicked them sequences from cecil de mille’s eponymous the ten commandments. one character that comes to mind was the priest, haman, who was sometimes covered in gold paint, held a piglet and went, “aa-muuun!!!” (in reference to the egyptian sun god, amon). that aside, rtm, for once, didn’t do a ultraman-like badly dubbed version and released it in its original al lughatul ‘arabiyah.

this is puasa day three, and i’m glad to say i’ve a telly programme that goes along with my iftar (sad, tell me about it). no, it ain’t on british telly. it’s a japanese TV drama called 電車男 – densha otoko (the train man) that i’ve muat turun-ed, thanks to the lads on burns road. it’s about an otaku who inadvertently falls in love with a beautiful woman (itoh misaki – kireii nee!) he saved from an amourous drunkard on a train. he then turns to his otaku friends on an online singles-only chatroom for advice on what to do next, often with hilarious results. the series only has 11 episodes and it’s based on a true story, which in turn was written as a novel of the same name.

watching densha otoko reminds me how much of a geek i can get with being on the ‘net (blogging, eBaying, limewiring, bittorrenting – in fact, blooming anything!), without getting dysfunctional enough to have a messed up life (i don’t need it effed up anymore, thank you very much). i know a few people who’d probably wanna watch this. hehe. you want the URL for the file?