My fav Sheffield sushi take-away has finally opened an eat-in establishment in Neepsend/Kelham Island. This is not their first foray into opening an eat-in as they had that in Leeds for a couple of years, which as a loyal customer/ardent fan of edo sushi, I find a bit to far to travel to enjoy my fav meal. All is well now with edo handing me out an invite to their soft launch which happened two days ago.

Their new place is at Cutlery Works which is a converted factory lot (check this) housing several other F&B outlets. It was pretty much an open space food court concept, but with additional seats at the counter surrounding edo’s kitchen. The launch started at 5PM and I arrived half an hour late but before earlier than the Sheffield office crowd. Grabbed myself a seat at the counter nodding respectfully to the patrons next to me which comprised the owner’s parents and their friends.

The menu for edo sushi Cutlery Works has an abbreviated selection of sushi compared to the takeaway. Where there were different boxed selections or à la carte nigiri, here the sushi is served omakase (chef’s choice) as well as a number of favourites from the take away menu, namely the Godzilla Roll and soft crab temaki (hand-rolled sushi). I guess this is understandable when the eat in does not use a table reservation system and with a limited number of qualified sushi chefs, in a place that potentially attracts a large number of patrons at one sitting (as I will find out later) this would strike some form of balance between quality and waiting times. Personally, I would go for quality over time and this means I am very happy with how they choose to serve the sushi here. Lest we have a Dai sushi (now in Toyosu) queuing system which means a very long wait!

This eat in not only does sushi – so, just like their take away counterpart, a selection of Japanese comfort food like kare raisu are available. Sides like miso shiru (it had hanaguri that night[1]) and edamame were also listed in the menu. Most importantly is that now there is a larger selection of drinks which include sake, which will go very well with the food here. Teetotal me simply ordered a humble cup of hojicha (roasted green tea).

The miso shiru was superb. It was superb the rare occasion I ordered at the take away anyway, but to have one in anticipation of an order of fresh sushi adds to overall anticipation. The sushi took about 15 to 20 minutes if I remembered correctly but it didn’t feel that long as I was talking to the owner’s dad next to me.

The omakase comprised sake (salmon), suzuki (seabass), hamachi (yellowtail), hotate (scallop), meguro (tuna), fatty sake, hokkigai (red clam) and unagi (eel), placed neatly on a leaf with a little dollop of wasabi and gari (ginger) on the side, all on an oblong ceramic plate. The first thing I immediately notice was the neta to shiri ratio which is greater than those served at the take-away[2], and the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. Perfect size to place in my mouth in its entirety. I actually ate each nigiri in the order in the plate, each contrasting flavour was such a joy to experience. As usual, the meguro is kept for last. I look forward if/when they will have fattier cuts of meguro, or uni.

I also ordered the Godzilla… a favourite of dad and I. And why not!

By the time I finished my meal the crowd got bigger and interestingly it felt like at that point in time when I was leaving, edo seemed to be getting a lot of attention. Most likely because of the edo sushi name is already well established in Sheffield. Tomo-san, Mike-san and the rest of the edo crew were working really hard that night from my vantage point. Will defo come again!

edo sushi
Cutlery Works
73-101 Neepsend Lane
S3 8AT
Opens Wed-Sun, 12PM-midnight.

[1]The soup will use meat stock on some occasions, so if meat is a no go, you’ll need to ask before ordering.
[2]For a good reason.