i got this in my email this morning:

[iklan ini tak berbayar… hehe]

the one next to sean ghazi is my ex-classmate izlyn in standard six, who’s in the music scene now. it’s great to see what your old schoolmates are up to. since my 22-year primary school (you heard right) reunion last february, i get stuff regularly from our class of 1982 yahoogroup. the said reunion was a resounding success. they managed to get like almost/more than half the year to turn up. we also had a handful of our beloved teachers. our principal as well as some of our other teachers had sadly passed on. i am sure they would have enjoyed the evening immensely.

the food was a lovely three course chinese dinner, but most of us were so caught up with catching up with old friends, the food was given a miss! the best thing i noticed that evening was the fact we had a mixture of people of different race and social status (as far i am concerned, this wouldn’t have mattered, but in the real world, unfortunately, it would) dining on the same table, under the same roof. there were solicitors, one puan sri, anaesthetists, one singer (see above), managing directors, one nasi daun pisang restaurant owner, teachers, dentists, one ex-semipro soccer player, one cab driver, entrepreneurs (including a fashion designer)… oh, i could go on. i still have their namecards to remind me what they do!

all because of the fact that we were once kids who learnt in the same classes and played the same schoolyard games together in a school that we all loved. none of the melayu/india/cina/etc kind of nonsense that i see in the world around me now ever existed then, as far as i can remember.


oh ya, the neon. perhaps after seeing the above ad you may be interested to enjoy an evening of big band music. zeeppedeedap bedoobedoo bedabap! get your tickets now! we undeserving torn and tattered souls are only fit for the likes of layar tanchap and the portsmouth blues festival (as in new hampshire, usa, as opposed to near southampton, uk). hahahaha.