Episode II.V!

this is a week when i will miss the first twenty minutes of anything. toonami was showing all twenty episodes of the clone wars at seven this evening. each episode lasts approximately five minutes, and they were shown at such odd hours of the day that i practically miss them when they were first shown on air. not any more. besides, gone are the annoying cliffhangers as we get to see all twenty in one shot. we get to meet some new characters, even one which we’ll get to see in episode iii: the jedi killer, general grievous. when you see how he handles multiple lightsabres during combat, you’d realise no wonder the jedi got such a hard time.

the best sabre fight was of course between anakin skywalker and the sith upstart, asajj ventress, the meanest bald woman since… er… sinead o’connor. okay, with twin red sabres courtesy of darth tyranus/count dooku. location? try the massassi ruins on the fourth moon of yavin. yeah! expect a taste of shaw brothers wire fu in this fight!

the episodes all have a fast momentum to it, commensurate with the five-minute length of each episode. no wonder mace windu could easily decimate entire droid armies with just a purple lightsabre. i just hope they are gonna release these episodes on dvd!