this is for the guys (and gals, if you’re that way inclined).

the neon and i used to diss the usher-cd-in-the-impreza-lets-hang-in-bangsar-with-ditsy-chick-in-von-dutch-vests-in-tow types. i once joked (really?) that the ideal other half should be on the same musical wavelength. oh, yes. stories of guys getting nagged by the other half because of a new guitar/amp/pick. i’ve heard ’em stories before.

imagine: the wife who marvels at the new marshall catalogue. one who’d want a taylor 614ce as a birthday present. who’d jam with you in your home studio when the kid’s asleep.

anyway. there are different sorts of the she-muso that would probably tickle one’s fancy. who would you go for?

1. the brody dalle: one tough chick, very hardcore/punk rawk. may spit and tear your gonads apart, if you ain’t careful.

2. the michelle branch: the exotic and demure singer/songwriter, pretty matured in her outlook in life. probably needs to smile more often.

3. the allison robertson: girl-next-door charm. sweet, yet into ac/dc, gibson les pauls and marshall stacks, and goes, “what’s a strat?”.

4. the d’arcy wretzky: enigmatic and silent. or in shahid’s own words – tak ada perasaan. maintains a calm demeanour with her bass guitar onstage even when the band is going at breakneck speed.

so, what’s your poison? one thing for sure, you can expect a conversation in the vein of:

“sayang/hon/’ling (take your pick) … kita singgah bentley dulu ok? i rasa nak beli jtm45 yang kita tengok hari tu lah…”

ok. off to the uk premier (of sorts) of some kind of monster now, courtesy of metclub. till then, a pleasant day to all.