i can’t believe i hadn’t written about this earlier. the number of times i’ve been to a malaysian multiplex can be counted on one hand, so forgive me if some of these below still exists!


Jackie Chan in Project A 2. I can't remember if I'd seen it, though. :)

things that i won’t be experiencing at the movies anymore:

  • crap parking in the cinema foreground, with or without the jaga kereta
  • air tebu stalls and the like at the cinema entrance
  • the fact that movies do matinees, followed by four or five screenings of the main feature, plus an additional midnight screening of an upcoming film if it was the weekend
  • ticket booths with grilles
  • tickets that are of toilet paper quality with D-17 scrawled in thick coloured pencil
  • checking out stills of films in the foyer
  • the terms coming soon, next change and now showing
  • kuaci
  • those beautiful softly-lit velveteen festooning curtains that covers the screen, as you are being greeted (nicely/gruffly – take your pick) by the usher
  • the smell. i’ve smelt substances from the likes of kerosene to urine.
  • pre-feature slide ads of the nearby hair salon and shops selling bak kut teh
  • pearl and dean’s pap pah pap pah pap pah pap pah pappap pah before the ads
  • ads for alcoholic beverages, namely guiness stout (pokok tumbang, kilang machinery rosak etc), hennesey and the one for anglia shandy that had malaysians playing a cowboy, a bartender and a bargirl
  • the shaw brothers montage* (like the one in kill bill) with the exact tune that you’d get in the p. ramlee films [* i am unsure what you call it, if you know drop a note in the comments below!]
  • the malaysian heat and the blinding sun as you come out from the cinema hall