Bukit Kiara one!got this in the mail yesterday afternoon. was interested to hear what incubus’ bukit kiara gig sounded like. i went to see them in june, and i was slightly disappointed. i don’t know whether it was einziger’s choice of fender guitars or the fact it wasn’t the original lineup. or because they were a tad too mellow for my liking. picky, i know, but there ya go. i was suppose to see ’em (the morning view tour) in nottingham in january 2002. got the ticket and all, but i had to give it a miss due to some stuff i had to take care of in kl.

it’s a pretty good soundboard recording. the crowd’s chant of “incubus! incubus!” was unmistakeably malaysian-sounding! reminds me of inter-school soccer matches at stadium perbandaran seremban. hehe. despite reports of the gig being attended by quite a lot of poseurs/girls-who-only-wanna-see-brandon, the rousing response and the actual sing-alongs to megalomaniac was great (it was aired on MTV and channel V a lot, i’ve to say). the penny drops when the crowd’s rendition of the older stuff like idiot box was non-existent. hah! kantoi. brandon’s bahasa malaysia was… ok lah. 🙂

that aside, it reminds me of a comment brandon made about the kl crowd. read it here or here.