The Franklin, TN foursome has been officially a five-some now and I have to admit whilst Ignorance was on my regular playlist, I had not really listened to their third record as much as I should/could.

Arrived late only to miss the three earlier acts (Paramore was billed with Now, Now Every Children, Paper Route and You Me At Six) and had a nice 15 minute to spare before Hailey and co. got onstage to face a, err… screaming teenage/pussiest vampire film-loving crowd that would put Hannah Montana+Taylor Swift+[insert your fourteen year old daughter’s favourite band here] to shame.

The set was Brand New Eyes-heavy, and it should be I guess, new record and all. They kicked off with Ignorance and followed up with the B-side to Decode, I Caught Myself. That must be the Twilight crowd screaming their heads off then. Once again like their Notts show in ’08, That’s What You Get was played early in their set. This time I had to see Jeremy Davis do that crazy-assed flip over Josh Farro during Pressure, which is a staple at a Paramore show I guess – and I did (missed it in ’08 because I was err… fiddling with my camera). Just YouTube ‘Pressure‘ and you’ll see what I mean if you’re scratching your head wondering.

They ended their main set with… Decode. Seronok la korang. Hahaha. They came back onstage with the acoustic Misguided Ghosts and they finally did Misery Business. Unh!!! As a parting shot, Brick By Boring Brick brought out the other three bands onstage, if only for the resounding pa-rap-pap-pa-rap-pap-pap-paps (Looking Up earlier in the set was another great wo-o-oh-wo-o-oh singalong tune).

It was just as short as their ’06 show. That I could forgive with two records under their belt, but with three? In my opinion, they should (I’m sure they could) be able to do a solid one hour and a half (at least) show, but I kinda knew it was gonna be short especially the bill had a total of four bands.

It was still a good Paramore show nonetheless. Jimmy C would’ve loved to be there. Kan, Jim?

[*The title is taken from a comment made by Jimmy C. Adik aku pulak cakap gigi depan dia jarang. Apa-apa la.]

National Indoor Arena, Birmingham 6.12.09 set: [Intro] / Ignorance / I Caught Myself / That’s What You Get / Looking Up / Emergency / CrushCrushCrush / Turn It Off / The Only Exception / Pressure / Careful / Where The Lines Overlap / Decode // Encore: Misguided Ghosts / Misery Business / Brick By Boring Brick