It’s been a while since I thought to myself, “must give this a try”. Venturing into the blogging world. Moi? The Malay adage hot hot chicken shit comes to mind.

Anyhow. The die is cast. I’ve now registered with successfully. I guess a couple of lines as my first entry will do.

I am pretty much knackered to say anything at the moment. Probably its the Khan’s curry combo I had earlier this evening. Or perhaps it’s the amount of glass that I shifted at work all day today. Or perhaps the anticipation of more glass to shift tomorrow. The mind boggles!

Shahid’s in town for a couple of days, its his MPhil viva tomorrow. ‘Psychophysics: the fundamentals’. That’s a recommended book title that’s enough to scare you. Thank god I am doing pathology. Which reminds me, November ain’t that far off. My ass therefore needs a little kicking.

Sorry for my bizarre train of thought. Never has been linear anyway. At least there’s a couple of paragraphs now. May see a few more in the next entry, huh?