Now’s the chance to catch fire from the fire-breathing brassiere. The view of the stage was fantastic no matter where we stood so we chose to be at the end of the ego ramp knowing full well that she’ll be sashay-ing down that way for most of her songs.

The set was massive with projection screens depicting B+W images of Gaga in the styles reminiscent of Helmut Newton, before the show kicked off with a motionless silhouette of Gaga singing Dancing In the Dark. She hardly moved much throughout the song but the crowd was lapping it up, going absolutely, well, gaga. It wasn’t till the curtains were raised that we were treated to an elaborate set of neon lights and high risers. Very the Broadway. The set changed throughout the show as the story of Gaga and her mates trying to reach the Monster Ball progressed, with a Disney-esque evil forest and a deep sea angler fish with tentacles for Papparazzi.

Gaga didn’t disappoint in many aspects. She was not out of breath (no lip-syncing here) no matter how contorted she was on stage with her dancers (or tentacled monster stage prop). And her crazy costumes was top notch, including nipple plasters, a latex nun outfit (during LoveGame), sparklers on her boobs and crotch, as well as one looking like a shiitake mushroom.

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